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Another Hike


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Another Hike

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Another Hike

The Northern Appalachia Review is an annual publication making a place for the under-recognized literature of its region. The editors identify northern Appalachia as the Appalachia counties of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and the northern portion of West Virginia, a part of America where authors have yet to be distinguished with a literary identity, though it remains rich in stories of conflict among humans and their defining landscapes.

The Review publishes authors from, living in, or writing about northern Appalachia.

Most importantly, it seeks work that best conveys the character of the people and places of the region and which represents it as both distinct from and part of greater Appalachia.

The publication holds a vision of serving as a catalyst to more novels, poetry, essays, history, memoir, drama, and other modes of literary writing that represent, in some way, our region.

The exposure offered by the Review generates support for the authors of Northern Appalachia, ensuring that the voice of this remarkable part of the country is acknowledged, appreciated, and preserved.

by Northern Appalachia Review

Trade Paperback - 6 x 9 x 1
264 Pages
FICTION / Anthologies
FICTION / Cultural Heritage

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